Ko Samui, Thailand (on bike)


Just a quick update after my first week back, finally, on the road. Even though it is on a bicycle and not yet on foot.


I’m travelling along almost the same route that Anna-Maria and I walked, just in the opposite direction and it’s both wonderful and strange how much I remember. It actually sometimes gets down to the individual bushes!


Even though cycling feels much faster, it is still a bit more difficult in the heat, or rather the humidity, than I was expecting. But I remember my first few days walking in Malaysia as well and the humidity is far worse than the heat. 44 degrees in Texas is easier than 34 with close to 100% humidity in Asia…





It’s nice to know where I’m headed and I’m revisiting some places as well. Even spent a night at the infamous hotel where we were locked in one early morning and missed our train. Apart from that, it’s a clean. cheap hotel!




I’m averaging between 50-60 km a day, not much, but much more than walking. Even at this slow pace, my arse has gotten more and more sore with each day. It  takes a while to get used to sitting on a saddle for hours at a time.


The weather had been everything from sunny and very hot, to tropical thunderstorms. I’m glad I have my Alu-Box to keep everything dry.




Equipment wise, it all started a little bit inauspiciously when the mini-mule tipped over after the first kilometer after hitting a small pothole, then one of the pedals cracked and finally the rear wheel went well out of true. That was all before breakfast on the first day….


Since then everything has been running smoothly. I fixed the rear wheel, the pedal seems to be holding up as long as I pedal on the whole side, and the mini-mule just tags along nicely. I’ll report more about how the cart works after I’ve covered some more miles, so far I am very pleased.




Today, I’m enjoying a rest day om Ko Samui. I think I need a rest day if I am going to adapt quickly to longer cycling days, so I took the ferry from Chumphon and will continue to Surat Thani from here. It was the only way I could work a rest day into the route and still have a chance of getting out of Thailand before my visa expires. Still not 100% sure I will make it, might have to end up doing a “visa run”.


Anyway, everything is great, sore backside and all, and I am sitting in the shade enjoying a mango shake, looking out over the beach as I write this!


Life is wonderful so keep walking (or cycling)…

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