Day 2 was interesting and pleasant. 

I started out from Godby a bit later than I would have liked due to a great breakfast that I didn’t want to miss. The weather was clear but a bit windy and I enjoyed a morning of rolling through farmland, following meandering roads along the coastline and hopping ferries between the islands. 

The ferry breaks were great for me, giving me time to rest and making sure I took it easy. 

Met and had an interesting conversation with a a father and son  when I was waiting for the ferry to Osnäs. They came riding by on what proved to be 2 odd bikes and came over to have a look at Steve (my bullitt bike). We ended up talking about everything from Moultons to recumbents.  

At just before 6pm, I rolled off the ferry and was in the “proper” Finland. A couple of hundred meters  along the road I found a sign advertising live Jazz at 6pm down a side road. I’m not the biggest Jazz fan but live music is live music and always worth a listen. But what really clinched the deal was the small sign just underneath, it just said pizza!  So I spent a sunny eavening sitting outside, listening to music, eating pizza and having a beer. 


I tried to continue on after that but less than 10 km later I decided that enough was enough and started looking for a campsite. Found some cliffs just off the main road overlooking the water and set up the tent. 

The tent was a last minute change of plans, I had intended to bring my new hammock, but decided instead to bring my tried and trusted tent. When I crawled inside and settled down I was glad, I felt right at home and more comfortable than in my “proper” bed. I will have to think about replacing the tent with a new one though, it is starting to show some wear and tear and there are some other features I think I would appreciate in a new one. 

It’s nice being out and traveling again and I am consciously trying to adopt a care free, in the moment mindset and just enjoy myself. I am after all exactly where I want to be, on the way somewhere…
No fotos this time as I had difficulty uploading them. Might be able to add some later.