Langkawi, Malaysia


I have now spent almost a week on Langkawi, staying at the same guesthouse all the time. Now, a week might not sound all that long to stay in one place, but it sure feels like it for me. Restlessness has definitely started to set in and I am looking forward to moving on tomorrow. Intend to take the ferry to Ko Lipe first thing and return to Thailand. It’s only a 1.5 hour trip and I will have all day to spend there.

Not that Langkawi has been a bad place to rest up a bit in and do some touristy stuff. It is a beautiful place and there is a whole lot of stuff to do. I have walked a fair bit across the island but I did rent a scooter for a day as well, so that I could get a chance to see all of Langkawi.


Have had time to do some more touristy stuff than I have been doing at most places. From riding the cable car,




to trying the fish n chips  restaurant that several people recommended. That proved to a bit of a flop though, the local food is just so much better. Cheaper to.

But mostly I have just had time to wander around, absorb the atmosphere and relax (and wear in my new flip-flops).








I did have a bit of an adventure on the scooter I hired. I was following a bus through a twisty section of the island, when the bus snagged a low hanging powerline!


Before it could stop, it had pulled a pole down across the road and the power line came down on my head. Nothing much happened apart from me getting a bit of a smack on the head. Either there was no power in the line or it was well insulated. Just goes to show how much safer it is to walk!



I’ve been staying at the Seaview Guesthouse, a nice place that was reasonably cheap. Simple rooms, but then, what more do you need?


I’ve meet a lot of ┬ápeople passing through the guesthouse during the week. Both locals and travellers. From Jane,


to “uncle” Johnny, and

Denise and Daniel from Gotland. Plus many, many more


But tomorrow I will be back on the ferry and on my way to Ko Lipe in Thailand. Malaysia will finally be finished and I will have only Thailand to go before it is time to head back to Stockholm for 2 months for a lot of work. Have to make some money before I continue on the last part of the Asian section, Indonesia . Then only Australia will remain…

It feels like it’s getting closer all the time and I am really starting to feel confident that I will be able to finish the-walk as planned.

I just have to do a bit more walking…