Leaving Germany…

After having decided that I was going to head south, towards some sun and hopefully away from the rain, I had to spend another day in Nürnberg waiting for the bus.

Nürnberg is a nice enough city, but if you are walking around with your bike, just waiting for the bus departure time, and the weather is a bit sketchy, then it’s difficult to get too excited.

At one stage I wanted to take a picture of some colorful chairs in front of the cathedral and I was pretty obvious about what I was doing. As I tried to line up the shot I wanted, a girl wandered over and stopped right in my frame. I waited a while and then finally just took a very obvious photo. Whereupon she wandered away again… I guess she just wanted to be in the picture?

I spent a lot of time over a long lunch/dinner in a Chinese restaurant and finally, the clock slowly got closer and closer to 22:10, when the bus to Mestre was leaving.

Boarding and loading Mister was very straightforward and I settled down for a long night on the bus.

I didn’t get much sleep but arrived in Mestre (Venice) early in the morning and loaded up all my stuff (my new lighter basketpacking setup) and set off towards the south.

It was great to be out of the rain and the temperature was much more comfortable than it had been for the last week or so. It wasn’t long before I had to stop and change into shorts and flip-flops!

Oh, yeah, I’m back!