Lesina, Italy

From San Marino, I continued along the coast and past long stretches of deserted beaches and resorts.

In Ancona I met Paolo from Milano who was riding the other way from Bari and back home. I looked enviously at his very light road bike and bikepacking set up…

In Montenero di Bisaccia, I was very lucky to have my first European warmshowers hosting with Andrew and Ruth. It is a picturesque Italian town built, like so many, on a hill and Andrew and Ruth were great hosts. We spent the evening discussing more or less everything and I even picked up a new toy. An Orb, a water bottle and side visibility light. Check it out here: www.orb.bike

The next day I headed towards Lesina and now I am riding through and exploring the Gargano National Park. I’m trying to take it slow and enjoy myself and not worry about trying to do too many kilometers every day. The weather has been excellent and I can honestly say that heading south to Italy rather than staying in Germany to finish the bikepacking route had been one of my better decisions!