Lingbo (Day 8)

I had decided to take it easy today and try to limit myself to 20km or so and started out from Ockelbo at a nice easy pace.

Left the main road after Ockelbo and found a dirt road that paralleled it, more or less. It was nice to just take it easy and enjoy the surroundings.

Ate lunch at a moose park, they had a café filled with hunting memorabilia and stuffed animals (and souvenirs to buy). They served a mean rain-deer sausage and cheese sandwich!

Bet this poor moose didn’t think he would end life as a souvenir stand!

After lunch the sky started to look a bit threatening, but apart from a few drops I managed to stay out of the rain.

A long section of the gravel road was newly graded, nice for my feet but harder to push the mule through.

In the middle of nowhere I found a sign reminding you that the grass is always greener somewhere else..

It has been a relaxing day and I am now camped beside a small lake listening to the waves  cluck against the stones on the beach. Some sleep and start all over again tomorrow.


Goggle maps link for day 8 is here.