Lost and Dreaming

This last Saturday I found a lost cyclist outside my door. Not only was he lost, he had lost his bicycle as well!

Lars, the lost cyclist, was on his way to Thailand and then onward to Sumatra to do some walking rather than cycling and was staying the night at my place before heading out. It was interesting to see him all decked out in new hiking equipment and ready to head out to do some serious walking rather than cycling.

Magnus Hedström and Dennis Svärd joined us for the evening and it turned out to be a very interesting night, full of stories, anecdotes and a little bit of gossip.

Between the three of them, Lars, Magnus and Dennis have a wealth of knowledge about long distance travel and adventures. Just sitting and listening to them throw out names, stats and background stories about not only Swedish, but a list of international adventurers was fascinating. There were lots of them, both stories and tall tales and the night passed quickly.

Naturally, my future plans came up and I had to admit to only having a series of ever changing dreams and ambitions. The evenings’ tall tales did nothing to diminish my dreams and if anything I ended the night with even more dreams and even less idea of where to begin trying to make them all come true.

Lately, most of my plans and dreams have been about cycling, varying only where and what paths to take there. But, what with Lars heading out to walk and reminiscing about my previous wanderings, I started considering walking rather than cycling again. The only problem is that if I do that, I will never be able to “catch up” to Lars. He already has more than 100,000 km cycling under his belt and keeps adding to his tally!

My only chance would be that he now continues walking and I can start adding up the miles on a bike….

Ironic isn’t it, the lost cyclist going for a walk and the writer of the-walk heading out on a bike!