I’m spending a bit more than a week in (or rather on) Malta.

Just taking it very easy…  I did intend to do a fair bit of photography and videography but I have been doing almost nothing.

Instead, it has turned into a reflective resetting, a bit of a brain-clearance and just a plain old rest. One I think I really needed.

This year has been a bit hectic, with the “finish” of the-walk, returning to Stockholm and a new job. I am only just now starting to realize just how hectic it has been. These last few days of doing nothing have been very welcome and probably very needed.

Instead of exploring Malta, I have been reading books, drinking coffee and watching bad tv series. The only places I have explored a little bit are St Julien and Valletta but I’m going to be content with that for this time. The time resting was much more important and needed…