Månsåsen (Day 23)

Woke to a grey and cloudy day. Packed up and started walking and it did not take long before the rain started. A dreary morning walk to Hallen before an early lunch, trying to drag it out enough for the rain to stop. But the rain continued on and off through the rest of the day.

Even though the weather wasn’t perfect I choose to walk as much along the waterline as I could and could not help but enjoy the scenery, rain or not.

Spent a lot of time as I walked along the side of the lake trying to spot “Storsjöodjuret”, the swedish version of the Loch Ness monster but it was like the bears, just stories.

No exciting creatures anywhere!

I had been hoping to maybe have a swim and clean up a bit in the lake but a quick check of the water temperature had me making other plans. It was 14 degrees celsius, no way am I going swimming it that if I don’t have to, especially with the sun hiding behind a compact grey cloud cover.

I was just staring to think about trying to find a campsite when I found a wonderful B&B in Månåsen. With rain still threatening and feeling the need to get the latest information out on the website, it was not a difficult decision to turn in and see if they had any free rooms.  Luckily they did!

The google map link for day 23 is here.