Me and my bikes, Part 3 – Dahon MU SL

This one was a pure rescue mission, I never really had the feeling that I would like to keep it, so I never named it. Just Dahon..

It is a Dahon MU SL, a very light-weight folding bike. It weighed under 10 kg!

I found it advertised in rather a dismal condition by a guy who had been using it to commute and had not taken care of it.

It was filthy, the brakes hardly worked and the gears only partially worked, sometimes.

I spent a few days cleaning it up, oiling and lubing the moving parts and changing most of the cables. It turned out rather well and after using it for a week just to make sure everything worked as it should, I advertised it for sale.

It eventually went to a lady on the west coast of Sweden that needed a folder for commuting and she messaged me that she was very happy when it arrived.

Just hope she takes better care of it than the previous owner.

Mission accomplished, one more bicycle rolling again like it should!