Tuesday turned out to be a wet day…

I managed to pack up my campsite and make it into Pori before it started in earnest, but then I spent an hour over coffe and donuts in a bakery, watching the rain pour down. 

There was nothing to do except break out the wet weather gear and head on north( the cycle path actually headed east from Pori).

Once I got out into the rain it was actually completely ok, I would even go so far as to say I almost enjoyed peddling through it. After a few hours it turned into a drizzle and then the sun started peeking through the clouds occasionally. 

I was expecting some great scenery after looking at the route on the map, but most of the coastline was hidden by trees and most of the time I was cycling through forests or fields, not along the shore. Still fine views though, I am not complaining. 

Late in the afternoon I got my first real chance to do some dirt riding as the route led me along a small dirt road but Steve (the bullitt bike) handled it without a problem. 

100 km into the day found me in Merikarivia and starting to look for a place to camp when I spotted a small sign advertising rooms for the night. So I splashed out on a cheap room and ducked inside out of the shadows of the dark, heavy rain clouds above me. 

The day had been reasonably easy, sure, my backside feels that it has been on a bike all day, everyday, but all in all I feel good. No serious aches or pains and not having to push myself to do 100 km in a day. 

Mentally, I am forcing myself to take it slow and try to enjoy each moment as it happens. I’m on the road and heading north, that’s enough!