Middle of nowhere (Day 22)

Started the day by doing a phone interview with P4 Jämtland, the local government radio station. There is a link in an earlier post. Then headed of to Lundhags, a swedish boot (and other outdoor equipment) manufacturer located in Järpen. One of the other sights I had skipped going the other way.

As I was leaving a woman came running out of the store and asked if I was the “wanderer”? She had heard me on the radio that morning and wondered if she could take a picture and post it on Lundhags factory Facebook page. In fact a lot of people waved and even stopped to talk through the rest of the day. Guess my 15 minutes are up now!

Just outside of Mörsil Per and Simonetta wondered what I was doing as I walked past their house. They hadn’t heard me on the radio. When I explained that I was out walking they promptly invited me in for a sandwich, coffee and some tasty carrot cake.

From Mörsil I choose some smaller roads and found myself deeper and deeper in the forest. It was nice walking along gravel roads and not being bothered by the traffic but at a few places it was a little bit difficult to know exactly which road to take. Some roads did not exist on the map but were very much evident in real life and others that were marked on the map turned out to be little more than tracks.

I walked on more or less by myself most of the afternoon and evening and finally started looking for a good camping spot. In the end I  found a really good one on top of a small hill overlooking a lake without a name.

It was an excellent spot and as the sun was shining I decided to try to sleep under the stars again. But no go this time either. The gnats were vicious and would not leave me alone, no matter how much insect repellent I tried to use. I had to admit defeat, pitch the tent and hide behind the insect screens.

The google map for day 22 is here.