Minimalism, going to far?

I’m in Stockholm, working, trying to find a cheap ticket to Florida and organizing all the last minute odds and ends that a change of continent always entails. But I have a bit of a problem. Well, not a problem as such, but I am trying to make some decisions about my photography during the-walk.

How minimalistic should I go? Or rather continue to be?

I have more or less been using only my Xperia Z1 for the major part of my European walk. I can’t complain about the quality of the Z1, it is exceptional, but exceptional for a mobile phone. There is no doubt that a larger camera could deliver better quality. At a price…

Larger, more expensive, requires more peripheral equipment and is more likely to be stolen.

I am very conflicted at the moment, being back working with professional photography naturally makes me very aware of the differences. But it has been refreshingly relaxing and easy to limit myself to the Z1 and I had intended to continue using it (or rather my new Xperia Z1 compact).

What I am looking for is a bit of feedback, what do you think?

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