Minimalism is one of the key elements of the-walk. Or rather my ambition to try to live a more minimalistic life. But nearly every time I mention it, people think that I want to become a recluse. To do a “into the wild”, back to nature, hippy or green wave lifestyle change. Which could not be further from the truth…
The-walk is all about being part of everything around me, of exploring it and living life here and now. Not to push away modern technology but to embrace it and what it makes possible. It is now entirely possible to work as a freelance photographer/writer/educator and have all the tools needed with you in a rucksack. With the advances in computer power, networking and digital imaging it is, maybe for the first time, possible to run a high tech business from almost anywhere in the world. At least I hope it is possible because that is what I am going to try to do.
The minimalistic part is the paring down of possessions,un-needed “stuff” that just takes up space, both emotionally and physically.A large part of our modern working week is devoted to caring for our stuff. Paying for it, paying for the place to store it, paying for maintenance, doing the maintenance and looking/longing for new stuff to surround ourselves with.
The-walk is about cutting back to the bare necessities, the stuff that I really need and use. High quality, good stuff that works. I have always been a bit of a tech geek and I doubt that that is going to change, but I intend to concentrate on the important stuff. Which hopefully will give me more time to interact with real people and explore their cultures.
When I leave in may, I will be leaving my apartment and will have disposed of nearly all my possessions. My cart will truly become my home. During my journey I might (in fact I hope to) fly off to different places to run workshops or lead a class, but that will not be to go “home”. It will be no different from the way I might today, living in Stockholm, jet off to Chamonix to cover a 3 day adventure race. The difference will be that after the event I will return to my cart, “the mule”, and continue my vagabonding.