Miriam Vale, Queensland


It’s been a while and I haven’t posted an update earlier because I have been busy socialising. That, combined with never seeming to be able to get reliable internet when I have time to write is becoming a common occurrence!


I left Emerald after getting a lift there from Chris and after having had a very nice rest day in Capella. Because I wanted to do some shopping in Emerald, I had a bit of a late start but still managed more than 42 km to Comet as the sun was setting. There I was very lucky to run into the owners of the Comet Rest and after talking to them for a while, they kindly offered me a room for the night.



Then followed a walk to Blackwater, then Dingo and then Duaringa.


In Duaringa, I had just finished putting up the hammock, for the first time using the fly sheet, when a thunderstorm came through!

It was a big one and it rained most of the night. I was a little bit worried as I had not used the hammock in rain before, but it handled it great. In fact, I was able to pack up the hammock under the cover of the rainfly and pack it away dry. Something that I can’t do with my tent. Once that is packed, it all gets wet as the inner tent is packed along with the floor.


A couple of times in the last couple of weeks, police have stopped to check that I am ok, even taking my name in case something happens….  Let’s hope that won’t be necessary!

After camping in a paddock next to the train line one night, I was getting close to Stanwell when a guy in a Commodore (a car, a Holden), stopped and asked me what I was doing. It turned out to be Gav and as he lived just across the train track, he asked me if I wanted something to drink. In the end he offered me a whole lot more hospitality. I stayed there for the night, walked to Rockhampton the next day, was again picked up by Gav and taken back to his house and then driven back to Rockhampton to continue walking the next day.


On top of which his group the 455 network sponsored me with some new Colorado thongs (flip-flops).



I even got to test drive his bus down through the dirt roads around his home. I did it Ozzie style, what that is I’ll explain in the book…wombat_151026_1815


Gav also gave me some food supplements to try called Kyani. I have 2 weeks worth and I’ll let you know what I think about it after I try it.

Then followed 3 days to Gladstone where Gav once again met up with me and arranged for me to stay with his friends Peter and Vicky. We had a great night and when it was over, the Mule sported a new Queensland number plate..


From Gladstone to Miriam Vale has taken me 3 days, slow going but I only walked 14 km today in order to have time with some wifi to post this. The high point of those days was staying at Bushchooks Travellers Village in Bororen, a nice place with great service and that gave a discount for walking.

From here, I intend to head towards Bundaberg along the inland road. It will be nice to be of the Bruce Highway, and it should take me either 2 long days or 3 slightly easier days. Will have to see what I feel like tomorrow.

There hasn’t been much beach life yet, as the road doesn’t follow the coast but the scenery is much greener and there has even been a fair bit of rain. Earlier I would have looked forward to some rain but I have to admit I have already grown tired of it!


By the end of the month, I hope to have reached NSW and visit my old friend Claes before he heads off to Sweden on holiday with his family, so I need to keep walking even though Sydney is getting closer and closer. Most people still think that I’m crazy when I say I’m walking to Sydney but there is only somewhere between 1300 to 1500 km left now, depending on which route I take, and it’s starting to feel very close!