Mora (Day and night 30)

Left Noppikoski intent on making it to Orsa for the night. It was 50km away and should not be a major problem but the day started out with me feeling listless and finding the going hard. Just did not seem to wake up properly. Knew I had a long, rather boring stretch ahead of me with not much to see along the way. A least it was not raining…

But as I was making lunch my ever present “friend” started to make its presence felt. Only a light drizzle to start with, but gradually getting worse and by late afternoon it was raining properly. The last 10km to Orsa were a pain. At least it stopped raining about 30min before I reached the town.

Checked out the hostels, hotels and rooms around town but they were all booked out! Not much to do but head down to the campground and pitch the tent for the day. Only problem was that they wanted almost twice as much for a tent site as I had been paying for a bed in most hostels I had been staying in! In pure pigheaded protest I refused to pay that much for a camp site.

Instead I wandered through the town, listening to street music, watching the crowd and finally found a place I could sit down. Fired up the macbook and booked a self-contained flat in Mora for 2 nights, starting the next night (for only 100:- per night more than the Orsa campsite!)  That left me with about 20km to walk to Mora and 15 hours to do it in! Thankfully it looked like it was going to be a nice night, the clouds were gone.

Started out by hanging out at the local Statoil service station, drinking coffee and watching the local youngsters buy light beer to get drunk on. Got some tips about the most scenic routes to Mora from the staff and just before they closed at midnight, I walked into the night.

It was a brilliant night and I slowly made my way towards Mora, trying to enjoy the beautiful night as much as possible. For a while I lay down in a field and watched the sun disappear only to start making its way up not much later. Tonight was the first time I have used the mules lights, it is slowly getting darker as the summer progresses and I get further south. May actually have gotten a few minutes sleep but was rudely awoken by my own snoring!

Making my way over the bridge into Mora, this was the view:

Looking the other way:

Naturally nothing was open in town and I enjoyed the rising sun on a pier, actually feeling some warmth from the sun. At about 5.30 the clouds started rolling in again and I started looking for someplace to get some breakfast. Just so you know, the Shell service station is the first thing that opens in Mora, at 6.00. By 6.10 it was raining again….

Spent the morning wandering around town and checking out the cafes as they opened.

Actually did a radio interview for P4 Dalarna just before 9.00 am. As I had been more or less awake for 28 hours and walked 78km, I am not sure I was all that lucid. Listen to it here to hear for yourself:

Checked into my flat a little after noon, packed up, had a shower, headed in to town to buy some food and by 4pm I was back in the flat, ready to crash.

The google map is here.