Spent a day taking it easy in Mora. Played tourist and visited Zorngården (Anders Zorns home). Have been there before but really like the stories of how Anders and his wife Emma were so early with a lot of modern appliances and how helpful and generous they were to their staff. They were wealthy but with a generous social conscience and did a lot to help not only their immediate staff but the whole region. Well worth a visit (the paintings aren’t bad either!)

As usual at a lot of museums photography was forbidden inside…


Also spent some time talking to my host. He turned out to be a man with many talents. We talked about spirits (not liquid), healing, cancer, homeopathy, drugs (medical not recreational) and vaccinations. I think we managed to touch on just about everything! Turned out one of his talents was that he could sense when a 1976, 5 kronor coin was in his vicinity. Apparently the 1976 coin has more silver in it and is worth more!

Chased around town for a cheap, small camping chair to take with me as well. Have been missing something to sit on to change shoes and just take the weight off. Everything is totally wet and it is not always easy to find a suitable place to sit, something I never thought would be a problem. In fact, I have a very nice seat that I received from Phase One at home, but I decided to leave it as I did not think it would be useful. Found a simple and light one for 100:- at Intersport. I am definitely learning a lot that will help on the Sydney walk.

Was planing to to out for a beer during the evening but there was not a hell of a lot happening…..