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I am back in Asia and back on the road! (Well soon anyway….)

The big news is, as some of you have already discovered, that I am starting a newsletter for the-walk.

There are a number of reasons that I believe a newsletter is a great idea, and I’ll mention just a few.

First up, I have noticed that a lot of people that I know are very interested in following my walk turn out to not have any idea about what is going on. When I went back to Stockholm to work for 2 months, I ran into friends that had no idea that I was back. Despite the fact that I know they would like to follow the walk and keep track of what is happening to me. The problem is that they don’t have the time, or just forget, to check the blog for updates. That combined with the way that Facebook works (not always showing post and updates) combines to leave them in the dark about the-walks many adventures!


I could recommend that they get a RSS feed reader but somehow I think it will be better to create a newsletter and get everyone that is truly interested in the-walk to sign up.

The newsletter is not going to replace the blog, or the Instagram feed, which will continue as usual. It is ment to provide an update and a reminder of what is happening and what my future plans are. It will contain slightly different content from the blog and I hope they will complement each other.

Don’t worry! I will not spam you or try to sell any useless “stuff”. It is intended for information about the-walk and me. Nor will I fill your inbox with thousands of newsletters. The plan is to send one every 1 to 2 months, with updates about my plans, where I am and some sort of summary of what has happened on the blog.

So take the time to sign up now! The first newsletter is planned to be sent when I leave Hua Hin on my way towards Singapore, around the 20th April. Don’t just sign up, help me spread the word about the walk and tell your friends about the newsletter…


One thing that I made sure to have time to do when I visited Stockholm was to check up of both of my grandmothers. Both of them are into their nineties and healthy and lucid. What do they both have in common?



They both like to go for a long walk every day!

So remember to keep walking..