Newsletter no 5


It’s been a while again since the last newsletter, and a lot of things have happened.
Everything from an impromptu kickbike tour down to Sydney to celebrate Christmas and many meetings with interesting people.
I’ve managed to catch up with some old friends, reliving some intense periods of my life, and have made new friends all along the east coast.
The biggest single experience would have to be the experimental kickbike tour I embarked upon. I won’t write to much about it here, but link you to what I wrote on the blog instead. Check it out here.
The north and central coast of NSW has been absolutely spectacular! I doubt that there are many areas in the world that can offer such splendid beaches and beautiful scenery. It really is the most scenic part of the-walk so far!
The one thing that seems to be more and more on my mind lately is that the-walk is getting very close to the finish. As I write this I have less than 400 kilometers to walk. That might still sound like a fair bit, but considering that I have by now walked 19,500 kilometers, it feels almost like a stroll in the park.
The plan is to finish at Sydney central post office at Martin Place on the 26th January. I have had to set a finishing date as there are people coming all the way from Sweden to see me finish!
If all goes well, I will try for a 3 pm finishing time and if any of you are anywhere near Sydney, it would be great to see you there.
As the finish gets closer and closer, I find myself thinking more and more about the future. In fact, it’s getting to the stage that that is almost the only thing I am thinking about!
I suppose that I thought that the-walk would (hopefully) cure some of my restfulness, but that has just not been the case. If anything, I am even more interested in continuing some sort of minimalistic, vagabond lifestyle and most of my thoughts center around how I might be able to do that.
I know that I will have to start by returning to Stockholm for a while in order to get my economics in order and earn some cash, but after that, there are endless possibilities.
The biggest question is if I should consider the-walk to be finished? Or should I think about the possibility of making it a complete around the world journey?
I’m far from sure that I feel the need to be able to say that I have walked around the world, but I have to admit that it almost seems to be silly to stop now….
The only future plan that is set is a 2-week kickbike tour in Malaysia, on my way back to Stockholm. Apart from that, the rest are just loose ideas.
I would like to keep the blog, Instagram, and newsletter going and maybe morph the-walk into a larger, more general project. Maybe an attempt to complete a 100,000 kilometer, human powered exploration of the world. Is that something that you would be interested in continuing to follow?
But there are many alternatives all vying for attention in my mind at the moment.
I would like to walk the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand (check out Helena who is doing it now), or start an around the world kickbike tour, try living full time in a small van, maybe doing the Pan American highway on a Bullit cargo bike. There are endless versions and combinations of these and other options swirling around in my head and I will definitely have to sit myself down and do some serious thinking once I reach Sydney. I will have plenty of time though, as the one thing I know with certainty is that I do have to work and save some money before I can start any new project (or continue around the world).
If all goes well, the time back in Stockholm working will also allow me to write a book or two. I have a few ideas about that as well, naturally including a book about the-walk.
I’m really looking forward to finishing and hope that any of you that are able will be there to meet me.
Either way, I think I can promise that there will be a lot more to come in the future, I just don’t know what as yet!