No more Instagram..

I’ve done it again, this time more permanently.

I took a break from Instagram last year but started using it and posting images again after I felt that I had recovered enough from the “social media bug”.  Part of my recovery was that I also stopped using Facebook, and never actually returned to it, in fact, I feel great being Facebookless!


I sort of enjoyed my return to Instagram but have decided to leave even it permanently as I feel myself being drawn into the never-ending hunt for followers and likes. No matter how you approach posting, it is very difficult to avoid changing not only your visual style but even what you feel important to express as there is always the metric of likes and followers clearly shown right in front of you.

The incredibly stupid change to a non-chronological showing of posts makes the whole situation even worse and precludes me from using Instagram merely as an opportunity to keep track of some of my friends as they journey around on their adventures.

So the only way to keep following me on my adventures with the-walk will now be here on the blog.

It feels good to limit myself to the one platform and as I have more or less decided that I do not want to become embroiled in a relentless hunt for followers, but have decided to continue both the project and its documentation merely for my own sake, it feels like a natural consequence.

It might even mean that I will be able to produce content for the blog a little bit more often.

It does not mean that I don’t have plans for other projects, kicking about in the back of my mind at the moment is the idea of creating an audiobook about walking the Te Araroa, and there is always the book to write…


The picture is from the subway in Barcelona. It is an example of Spanish, macho standing, not being afraid to take up space.

“Here I am, and here i stand”