Noppikoski (Day 29)

Guess it’s not surprising that the day started with rain. Walked down to Gammelgården to pay for my night at the hostel and started talking to a member of the staff while I waited for somebody to pay. He pointed to a spot on the lawn and said “When there is a pool of water there, you know it has rained a lot!”

As more staff arrived I managed to pay and was invited for a morning coffee. You know I never say no to coffee! A lot of the conversation was about how much rain had fallen and how difficult it would be to trim the scrub and mow the lawns. Plans are made to mount pontoons to the lawnmower…

I eventually headed of, there was only a light drizzle and quite warm. It was hard to decide if it was most comfortable with the rain gear on or of. When I had walked around 6km a car pulled over and Anti stuck his head out the window. “Are you walking around with that cart?” he asked. When I answered yes he revealed that he had done a fair bit of traveling along the roads himself and wondered if I would like a cup of coffee. You know the answer!

He gave me a lift to his home where I met his wife Margot, got a nice cup of coffee and was beguiled by numerous stories from their younger days. From when Anti went to sea at age 15, to travels through europe with an old Mercedes and a caravan. These people had lived an interesting and adventurous life, always being true to themselves and not being  afraid to be a bit “different”. They had raised 6 kids, had many grandchildren and even some great grandchildren. It was lovely to see them remember so many exciting times, with Margot helping Anti get the dates right. “She is my memory”, he said.

When I pushed on southward it was with a much brisker step. So refreshing to meet people who really live their life!

Sometime after 2pm the rain abated and even though I was staring to get tired, the walking seemed easier.

Made my way to Noppikoski where I had found a room at the hostel and arrived rather late. All the socializing today had taken its time!


Going to hit the sack as soon as I finish typing this, will try to make Orsa tomorrow, almost 50km. Probably don’t have to mention it but the forecast for the next 4 days is for RAIN!

The google map is here.