Nürnberg, Germany

I have just had a rest day in Nürnberg to try to decide what to do next. After 5 days of mist, rain, and wind, I was starting to wonder if I would not be better off heading south by train or bus.

I mean, here I am traveling through some of the most scenic parts of Germany but not enjoying it as much as I feel I should. A lot of times, I have not even been able to see the view due to the weather.

Of course, it is my own fault for being at least a month later than I originally planned. All the f-ing about with bikes and equipment and the subsequent restarts has taken too much time!


But after drying the tent for the umpteenth time, and having spent way too much on accommodation, I went ahead and booked a bus ticket to Italy.

So, tonight, Saturday, I will hopefully get on a bus (if the bike booking works) and tomorrow morning I will be in Mestre (Venice)!

I won’t be heading into Venice as I have been there before, instead I will have to decide which side of the Adriatic Sea I will cycle down. Italy or the Balkans? At the moment I am leaning towards Italy, and then going to Greece and traveling through the Balkans on the way north.

I spent yesterday washing clothes, washing and checking Mister and doing some repacking. I’m going even more minimalist and have sent both of my rear panniers back home. I am now truly in “basketpacking” mode! Time will tell if this setup works, but I still have the rear rack, so I can always just strap any extra equipment, food or water I need to it.

Now I’m off to spend a whole day walking around Nürnberg while I wait for the bus departure time.

And guess what?

It’s raining…