Sitting in a pizza/kebab place in Nyköping and its 15.30 on day 7. Am a bit amazed that I haven’t gotten further, especially considering the distance I have walked per day. I either have to start walking straighter or start saying that it’s going to take 5 years!

After leaving Västerljung, I meandered along country roads, taking my time and enjoying the scenery.


During the early afternoon Sandra turned up with some snacks and we sat down and caught up with what has happened since we met last.


Then it was on to Nynäs Slott. Impressive but what is a castle compared to a mule…


Milka and Janne picked me up at Nynäs and took me to dinner (after which they dropped me right back where I started). By that time it was past time to look for a campsite. Eventually found a secluded spot right next to the water and spent most of the night listening to the mating noises of the local waterbirds.

This morning I set out towards Nyköping and after 30 km of more or less non-stop walking, here I am, very undecided about what to do next. Continue and camp further south or check out the hostel?

I think I will have a cup of coffee and see what happens.

The phone just rang and the local tv station is on the way to do an interview. You can read the (swedish) interview with Södermanlans Nyheter from a few days ago here:


I get a few comments as I walk along with the mule and here is the comment of the week:

I was walking along the road next to a large field and spotted an elderly gentleman on the other side of the road heading towards me. As he approached I noticed that he was well dressed and was moving along with brisk, confident steps. When he was almost next to he he said ” Are you heading to New York with that?” It took me a moment but I answered “No, further south, to Sydney!” I’m not sure he heard or understood me but he answered “Oh, ok” and continued on his way, not missing a stride.