Örebro (Day 39)

Today started in brilliant sunshine. At last! Today was always destined to be a big day..

Left Karlskoga on my own and people where greeting me and tooting their horns, a lot of people had read the article in this mornings paper. After about 8-9km it was time for a break, some coffee and ice-cream. Stopped at a nice rest area, Våtsjön, and when I tried to pay they said it was on the house!

At around 20km, Anna-Maria and Malin met me with lunch. Really getting spoiled with all this support. Malin then said goodbye and headed home but Anna-Maria continued the rest of the day with me. That’s why the mule looks even more loaded than usual, Anna-Maria added her backpack to the load.

It was a lovely day and we continued on along a variety of roads with Anna-Maria not letting me push the mule. As usual the mule was more popular than me!

Then it finally happened, we came to the line marking where I had walked 1000 miles since the start of the test-walk. Counting only walk days. It was easy to spot as someone had painted a line across the road, complete with date and distance! We celebrated with champagne and took a few snaps.


In Hälleby Micke joined us for the last 10km and we rolled into Örebro, tired but happy.

The google map is here.