Today has been a wonderful day and I have been spoiled both by the glorious weather and the wonderful people around me.

Started out having breakfast with my sister before I went and got a series of vaccinations (ok, maybe not the best part of the day).


Then a slow walk to Västerhaninge where Iris had a wonderful lunch ready to go! After almost 2 hours of eating and talking, it was off to Ösmo and my aunt and uncle and yet another glorious dinner. I am getting so spoiled, if this is vagabonding life then why haven’t I started earlier?

Tomorrow promises to be different though, may even have to use the tent…

Today has also been a slow meander through nostalgia. Stopped at the flat in Jordbro where my family lived before we moved to Australia and went past my first school as well. The last 2 days have been a recreation of my earlier path to Sydney. Born in Södersjukhuset, lived 3 years in Sköndal and then 5 years in Jordbro before moving to Sydney. Following the same steps now.

Last time it took 8,5 years to reach Sydney, hope I manage to cut a little of that time this time around!


Remember to follow me on instagram (matsandren), will upload pictures along the way with short descriptions and will be tagging everything #the_walk.