Östersund (Day 18)

Quickly decamped and left the mosquito forest in the morning even though there were a lot less mosquitoes in the morning sun. As I had walked further than intended yesterday, today was an easy 30km in to Östersund and I took it easy, enjoying the weather, the scenery and the walking in general.

Crossed Vallsundsbron and walked into Östersund, stopping for a coffee and a “tunnbröd” sandwich in Badhusparken.

Had the luck to stumble across the Lars Bolin Gallery that was open and was showing work by Severus Tenenbaum. Naturally had to have a look inside. There was some exceptional work there, unfortunately there was also some not so exceptional. A mixed bag to say the least.

Minimalism comes in different sizes!

After an nice days walking I arrived at the home of one of my old students, Jonas, who is kindly putting me up for the night. Have just had a nice dinner with both beer and dessert, a hot shower and am feeling very contented.

Jonas seems to be happy as well, playing with the M9!


The google map for day 18 is here.