Packing for Finland

I had hoped to get away on my cycling trip through Finland last week, but…

First I had to postpone due to work and now I have been sidelined by a really bad cold. I hope to get well enough to get started on Friday but it means that I will probably have to shorten the trip somewhat, not only because of less time but also because I doubt I will be in the best shape for the first week or so. The daily mileage is not going to be impressive!


The only good thing is that I have had time to refine my packing, rather than just throwing everything into the Alu-Box on Steve, the Bullit bike.

The picture above is everything I plan to take apart from some electronics, camera, and food-bag. The only things missing are my thongs (flip-flops), they will probably be on my feet more or less the whole time.

The packing list goes like this:


2 Merino wool short sleeved shirts (one is worn out and is going to be thrown away as soon as it is dirty).

2 Merino wool T.shirts

1 long sleeved Marino wool t-shirt

1 pair Merino wool long johns

1 pair long pants, synthetic hiking type but slightly more stylish

1 Pair short

1 Pair board-shorts, for swimming

1 pair cycling shorts

2 pair underpants

2 pair wool socks

1 Synthetic down jacket, Houdini

1 Hoodie, Houdini

1 Rain jacket, Houdini

1 pair rain pants

1 reflective vest (the-walk)

Gloves, one thicker pair, one thin wool pair and a pair of cut-off riding gloves

1 Buff

1 Fleece cap

1 pair lightweight hiking shoes

1 pair thongs (flip-flops)

Camping stuff

Lightweight Tent, Terra Nova Solar Competition 2


ThermaRest air mattress

Down sleeping bag, Haglöfs LIM

Sleeping bag liner

Travel towel

Gas stove with integral pot

Plastic mug

Other stuff


Spare tubes


Spare spokes

First Aid kit

Mozzie repellent (very important)

Mozzie head net


Odds and ends (bits of line, carabiners, repair kit air mattress etc)


Add toilet paper, food and the electronics (no computer this time) and that is it.

There is so much room left in the Alu-Box that carrying fresh food is never going to be a problem!