Packing the kitchen sink..

Didn’t do any riding this weekend but I did have time to do some work on my two current travelling companions.

Mr White received a new rear rack specifically designed for fat bikes. Believe me, they need special racks!

With the rear rack, I have the option of either going light, bikepacking style, with just the handlebar bag, the frame bag (also new) and a roll on the rack, or packing everything by hanging a couple of my Ortlieb panniers on the rack.

The new frame bag doesn’t swallow that much, but is certainly out of the way and centres the mass nicely where it belongs.

Even did some work on Steve, the Bullitt cargo bike, fitting a new alu-box. Now I can get everything, including the kitchen sink with me!

In fact, I can load a hell off a lot more that I could ever hope to manage to pedal with…

I’m going to have to restrain myself when I pack for my Finnish/Swedish trip this summer or I will end up walking up even the smallest hills!