Perry, Florida


A new podcast with some important news. is now available on acast! Acast is a new podcasting app, available for both iPhone and Android.

Hopefully, if enough people listen to the-walk on acast, then I will be able to cover the cost of publishing the podcast and, if I’m very, very lucky, maybe get a little bit of change over.

So please help me spread the word about acast and get the app. Then spread it to all your friends and get them following the-walk!


Acast is being launched in Sweden to begin with and I’m not sure if you will be able to download the app elsewhere. But the podcast will still be available here on the blog, as well as on iTunes.


A quick lunch stop at Nana’s Bisquit Barn. The tomato soup was excellent!


The long, hot road, after all the strip malls had petered out…


A church in a typical, north Florida setting. I have passed a lot of Churches!


Finding a campsite along the side of the road was not always easy. There was a lot of forest, swamp or both at the same time.


Finally a wonderful campsite, complete with showers!