Back “home”, back to work and suffering from an intense bout of post walk syndrome!


Have been very busy catching up with friends and relatives, teaching workshops and new classes, doing some retouch work and photography. It doesn’t take very long to get sucked back into the daily 9 to 5 grind. Shouldn’t complain though, I will need the money for the walk to Sydney and I am more motivated than ever. The test, even though it didn’t turn out exactly the way I imagined it, has proven to me that this is something I really want to make a reality.


There will be plenty of updates and information about how the-walk is progressing along with some summaries and thoughts about the-test during the coming  weeks. Along with one or two posts about why I want to try a minimalist, nomadic lifestyle so bookmark this site and continue following me as I embark on what I hope will be the road trip of a lifetime!