Ransäter (Day 35)

Although I fell asleep to the sound of rain last night, and woke several times to hear it still raining, when I awoke this morning the sound of drops against the tent was completely absent. A quick check out the side of the tent and I could confirm that it was a dry,mostly cloudy and grey morning. Packed up and headed of.

Two hours later I stopped to make some brunch (coffee flavored gruel) and unpacked the tent to dry in the sun that had decided to show itself. Only temporary as when I was making my way into Munkfors where I planned to eat lunch, I got caught in a heavy downpour.

Walking along a paved walkway where I don’t have to worry about cars is very relaxing. Found myself deep in the zone several times today and thinking a lot about my photography. What to photograph and especially what I want to concentrate on during the walk to Sydney. Have a few thoughts about reinventing myself and approaching the subject a little bit differently from how I have been expecting to do it. Will have to consider these ideas a lot more before I decide anything but it’s good to have the time to work my way through some different methods.

Finished the day at Storängen Camping with a bit more than 50km to do tomorrow to reach Karlstad.

The google map is here.