Reflections on Minimalism…

I have spent a large part of this weekend taking it very easy and trying not to get sick. It seems like everybody around me is succumbing to some sort of virus and I had been feeling tired and spent and more or less expecting to get sick. But an easy weekend with just the right amount of booze and a lot of rest seems to have restored me just enough to survive another week of work!


A weekend spent resting has also given me a lot of time for reflection, thinking about my situation, what I really want to do in the future and how my current actions are helping me get there (or not).

The-walk grew out of my ambition and attempt to become a minimalist, it was a lifestyle experiment in minimalism and vagabonding, a test to help me decide how I wanted to live my life. The experiment as such definitely delivered a lot of answers and if anything it proved that I wanted to continue to at least try to be a vagabond. The long-distance, long-time travel bug bit me hard!

After the-walk “finished” in Sydney, I planned to return to Stockholm, make some money and set out again. That’s still the plan, even though it will take me a little longer than I originally anticipated because I was offered a job that I could not accept without committing to working for at least 3 years. Which was not a problem as it is a great, interesting job that I enjoy trying to do as well as possible, the problem has been trying to remain a minimalist and true to my ambitions to become even more of a vagabond..

3 years in one place, combined with my inability to refrain from getting totally engaged in a multitude of projects, has, unfortunately, had quite a few negative consequences on my minimalistic lifestyle. Too many computers, too many cameras, and too many bicycles combined with all the possibilities they offer make life very complicated! I have felt very conflicted in how to continue being a true minimalist, partly because I want to continue, and partly because I also want to be a vagabond and travel the world. Most of the adventurers and long- distance travelers I have met solve this by having a home base, somewhere they can leave their “stuff” while out on adventures or travels. I have decided that I don’t want to do that. I want to be a true minimalist and vagabond, with all that entails!


Next time I head out, I want to truly have all my possessions along with me. I’m prepared to consider having a small box of memorabilia stored at my sisters’ place, but not more than that. I want to be a true vagabond, which means that I have to be a minimalist as well as it entails not having a home base where the rest of my stuff is stored.

In 2 years, or a little less, I hope to be on the road again. By then, I will have had to rid myself of excess “stuff” and decided what I want to take with me on my continued journey. Although I have been flirting with cycling a lot lately, I have come to the realization that walking is still going to be central to my travels. I will be cycling a fair bit as well, but walking will remain a larger part than I have been planning this last year. Which suits me just fine!

By the time I hit the road for real, I want to reach the stage where I can carry all my possessions along with me. I mean carry for longer than just 100 meters and I also mean ALL my possessions, including my bike! Which also means that I am not planning to take Steve, the Bullitt cargo bike, with me. I am just not that strong.

So, this marks the start of yet again getting rid of excess “stuff”, something I have done several times before, but this time hopefully finally managing to reach true vagabond status.

It also marks a decision to continue walking only because I want to, rather than as a means as a way to generate funds to continue walking. Sounds convoluted, but it just means that I will remain even truer my motivations for doing what I do. Rather than having the possibility of generating some sort of income from my travels at the back of my mind, I am going to relax any such ambitions and just enjoy.

I am so looking forward to hitting the road once again!