Rembang, Indonesia



Mattia and I have reached Rembang, which means that we are now almost exactly halfway between Jakarta and Kuta Beach on Bali. Our pace has slowed considerably as we don’t need to reach Kuta before the 15th July. Even then, I will have 2 weeks to spend there before my flight leaves for Darwin. Looking forward to exploring Bali even though I also need to spend at least a week in front of the computer doing some work that should really have been done several months ago…



Yesterday we were stopped by a reporter for the local paper and she spent some time asking us about our journeys. Then, today, we were stopped by a couple of truck drivers who wanted to show us a story in the paper!

Can’t say that we were able to check if everything was correct though, my Indonesian is still terrible.



Not really all that much more to tell at the moment. The traffic is still terrible even though the scenery has gotten a little bit more green. I hope it will get even more so as we move even closer to Bali.

I have not been inspired to take a lot of photographs but earlier today we walked past a shipyard where they were building large wooden fishing (my guess) ships.


We were welcome to look around and it was very interesting. Old fashioned craft and very much manual labor.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from the shipyard as I continue walking east, towards Bali.