I’ve gotten as far north as I am going on this trip, and as soon as I finish breakfast and pack, it will be time to turn south through the middle of Finland.

After my short break in Haparanda to attend my grandmother’s wake, I returned with the overnight bus and started out already tired and feeling a bit dull.

But heading north out of Tornio I met a human-powered contraption that made me smile.

A polish couple on a tandem, towing their dog in a gigantic trailer. They had been traveling for 7 months, having come through the Baltic states and Finland on their way to Nordkap. Now they were heading down through Sweden to finish their trip.

We talked for a while but they were in a bit of a hurry and there were a lot more questions I would have liked to ask.

I only managed 60km out of Haparanda, having had a late start and not feeling all that rested.

The next day, Tuesday, started with rain and then just got wetter. I reached Rovaniemi just after lunch and sat down to a Chinese buffet, dripping water all over the floor and the table. I took my time over lunch but it just kept raining and I finally capitulated and decided 80km in the rain was enough for the day and got myself a room.

All I all a good decision and I am now primed to start heading south and start my exploration of inland Finland.