San Marino, Italy

From Chioggia, I headed south to Ravenna, where I found Dante’s tomb.

I was really there to look at the mosaics in the monasteries, but you could not buy a single ticket. They only had combination tickets for all the sights and they were closing in 20 minutes. In the end, I just had a look from the outside.

I spent the next day riding through small fishing villages and beach resorts that were more or less closed for the season.

From Rimini, I headed inland and spent 2 hours pedaling uphill in order to reach San Marino. Once I got there I decided to play tourist and get the cable car up to San Marino itself.

It was interesting walking around the old town. Building the town on top of the cliffs must have been very hard work!

Like all these sorts of towns, it was very touristy and there were uncountable numbers of shops selling a lot of more or less useless stuff. For some unknown reason, there was even a Vampire museum…

The view was very nice though and I was lucky that I was there during the low season. I can’t imagine what it must be like climbing up all the stairs in the August heat, along with thousands of other tourists!

The best part was that I knew that I was going to start the next day with a 20 km downhill!