It was nice waking up with a view of the sea and the first night in the tent had been a comfortable one. I felt refreshed and my cold continues to get better despite cycling, getting sweaty and then drying in the cool breeze. There is a lot to be said for being outside in the fresh air!

I didn’t bother making any breakfast as there was a town just 15 km away and I thought I could get some hot coffee and maybe something to eat there. I didn’t count on it being Sunday, everything was closed or opened later..

I continued on to the next town but it was the same there. After about 40 km I gave up, pulled into a rest area and made myself some peanut butter and jam sandwiches and some hot coffe. The instant cappuccino mix I have with me is shit and I will have to try to buy something better. 

The day started out with a bit of a drizzle but after that it was cloudy but dry. Nice cycling weather with not much wind. I am taking it easy and relaxing into the riding, even walking a few hills ( there are only small ones here) to give my back and legs a bit of a change. Still, with a stop for lunch at a buffet, the kms rolled on. The landscape is scenic and there is always something to look at, from seascapes to forests and farmland. Before to long I had cycled 100 km and started looking for a campsite. Ended up deep into a forest with just the sounds of nature around me, almost certain I heard a moose outside the tent during the evening. 


The day ended up being 110 km long, longer than I expected or thought I would cover.  I’m not very fit at the moment and recovering from a cold, so I need to ease into it and not overdo it. Will be interesting to see what I feel like tomorrow. 

I’m slowly getting into the right mindset and worrying less and less about everything else, enjoying now and here. And why not? I’m back on the road and back wearing my flip-flops!