Sepang, Malaysia



I really like Georgetown, it’s a busy, crowded place with lots to see and great food. I think the rest day (two actually) was sorely needed as well and I got some important service done on Shreck (the bike).


Georgetown is famous for the murals painted on the walls in the old city and there are a lot of them. Everything from bicycles to ballerinas and even Bruce Lee!





Then there are all the temples and other old buildings, lots to see..wombat_150509_1404







Plenty of great places to eat and relax as well. As I said, I like Georgetown!wombat_150510_1468



But it was soon time to move on. I need to get to Singapore and start walking if I am going to reach the Australian outback before it gets too hot to walk!


The plan was to head into the mountains and get a change of scenery. It certainly was a change and a lot more work than cycling along the coast! The route took me to Baling and then down to Gerik.


The first puncture on the bike! It is actually the second puncture I have suffered, had one on the mini-mule just after crossing into Malaysia as well. Both easily and quickly fixed, so no major hassle.

I was thinking about heading into the Cameron Highlands as well but decided not to. I really do have to make it to Singapore and start walking..


Next larger stop was Kuala Lumpur where I visited Akmal at the Bisikal.There were lots of long distance cyclist hanging about, getting their gear serviced and picking up tips from each other and Akmal. Amongst them were Priit and Ãœlvi Paris, Estonians out on an around the world adventure.wombat_150523_141929

I was very lucky to be able to stay with a great warm showers host, Mish. I was able to help her get her trishaw working in return. It felt good to be able to contribute something after receiving such great hospitality.

I wasn’t the only cyclist staying with Mish. A Korean couple where there organising their flight back to Korea after some bad luck. The guy had had his passport stolen and they had to shorten their cycle trip in order to go home and get a new one. I have been very fortunate so far to have been spared any such hassles and I just hope my luck continues…



As I was cycling out of Kuala Lumpur, stopped by David, a local cycling enthusiast. He wanted to know where I was headed and asked some questions about the trailer. But most important, he informed me that the Sepang F1 circuit would be open for cyclist the next morning!

When I walked past here last year I tried to get permission to have a closer look at the circuit but it was closed so I was definitely going to take the chance to have a ride around it this time. It meant having a shorter day than planned, but I found a cheap hotel, got up early and by 6am I was at the circuit and ready to do some fast laps!




From here I am heading down towards Malaka where I intend to spend a day and then it’s on towards Singapore to finally get started on the-walk again.  I am actually really looking forward to it!