Shipping out


Thursday morning dawned grey and overcast. There was the threat of rain and no blue sky to be seen, anywere. Managed to get everything packed away just in time, before a slight drizzle started.
Walked south along the coast and the rain increased. I was very glad that I had decided to stop early yesterday to enjoy some sun and go for a swim. Great timing! πŸ™‚
Continued towards the Hook of Holland and just outside of town I came across a sign with a ferry and the word Harwich. Just yesterday I was thinking that it was so enjoyable walking along the coast, that I might not go to England at all. The plan was to go there from Calais, but I was still undecided. Then, here I was, on a grey, dismal day and there was a ferry to England less than one kilometer ahead. I decided to check it out!
Sure enough, there was a ferry leaving at 14.30.
One of the reasons I don’t plan to far ahead is that I want to remain flexible and be able to make decisions about where I am heading as I go. As I have said several times, the only absolutes are the starting and finishing places. Everything else is open and subject to change.
So I bought a ticket!
Serendipity is a mistress not to be trifled with.
I’m on the ship now and will arrive in Harwich around 8pm local time. That will be the-walks’ first time zone change. It also means I will miss Belgium. Not sure yet which route I will take in England, but I will be heading towards London to visit some friends.
Stay tuned, much, much more to come!


Here is alink to anΒ  article about me in a Dutch paper. Can’t read it myself but those of you that know Dutch can have a look.