It rained last night. Looks like the good times are over…


Fortunately I spent the night in a small cabin, managed to make a good deal that was only a little bit more expensive than a campsite. Will have to camp out in the “wild” to save some money the coming days though.

Took it easy all day but according to the GPS, I covered 37km, much more than expected. Am feeling it though. I am no where as well prepared physically as last year. When I got my cabin, I lay down on the bed and got an attack of the shakes. Having been outside in the sun for 3 straight days after what was a long winter has to take its toll somehow.

Will take it easier today, only planing to cover about 25km.

If you look closely at the mule, you will see that there are some new accessories on it. Yesterday morning I mounted some Jolly Motion arms to it. They are intended to enable me to walk without using my arms to push with, leaving then free and at the same time taking some of the strain from the upper body. They were very easy to mount, only took 10 minutes. I have not used them properly yet but am looking forward to tying them, especially when the terrain gets a bit hillier (which might take a while).


I will leave you with a shot from Mats Bäcker of me walking through Slussen: