Some thoughts on tubeless tires…

I started the-ride on Sir, with both tires mounted tubless.

After a lot of reading on the net, it seemed to be the way to go and offered a lot of pros and only a few cons. As it was, the very first puncture I got was to big to be self repairing and put me straight into the con territory. Removing tires filed with puncture fluid on the side of the trail is a messy procedure!

Nether the less, this put me in the position of having one wheel tubeless and the other with a tube, letting me make some comparisons during the rest of the ride. It might not be a fair comparison as the wheel with the tube was the rear one and might have been more heavily loaded, but the results were interesting.

I had 5 more punctures during the next 500 km and all were on the wheel with the tube! The front wheel, mounted tubeless, just kept on working, taking whatever I threw at it.

When I changed bikes, I chose to make sure the new tires were mounted tubless. I wonder why!


Since then, I have had no punctures, despite riding over and through thorn bushes and countless broken bottles in both Berlin and Italy.

At this stage, I am a convert. I would not chose to have tubes unless it was the only option available. Things may change as my tires wear, but in that case I will update these thoughts.

For now, tubless rocks!