Sörmlandsleden, Section 1,2,3 and 4

I spent yesterday with Mr White, cycling the first 4 section of Sörmlandsleden.

It was a beautiful day, just a little bit cold, and I enjoyed myself immensely. It was a lot of hard work though and, to be completely truthful, probably just a little bit much. The first 4 sections got done, but I was pretty much done as well by the end of them.

Mr White handled the conditions wonderfully and it would have been a lot harder work on a bike with skinnier tyres, there was a lot of snow to try to ride through.

Looking forward to slowly working my way through the remaining sections. At least I have got off my butt and started now!


It seems to be a bit of a recurring theme with all of my travelling companions, but Mr White generated a fair bit of interest. It’s been the same with The Mule, Stan the kickbike and Steve the Bullitt cargo bike. I guess it is just as well that I am quite happy to remain in the background…