St Olavsloppet

Have taken it very easy today, venturing out only to have a look around town, watch the stage finish of St Olavsloppet in the town square and to get food. Its been a rainy, cold day but with an upbeat atmosphere due to all the people in town for the race.


Second place

Snapped a few quick photos and then retreated out of the rain.

When I ventured out again later (without the camera) I found paramedics working hard to revive a man, just 30 or so meters from the finish line. They worked hard on him for what seemed a long time and finally loaded him into the ambulance. Definitely put a damper on the upbeat feeling and I treated myself to some ice-cream to cheer up.

Just heard on the news that the runner is in hospital in Östersund and alive, though still in poor condition. Hope he recovers completely and is able to come back and run again.

Not being outdoors for the majority of the day feels strange….