State of mind

The geographic pilgrimage
is the symbolic acting out of
an inner journey. The inner
journey is the interpolation of
the meaning and signs of the
outer pilgrimage, one can
have one without the other.
It’s best to have both.
– Thomas Merton, 1964


Spending the week at Hemse, Gotland. Helping Robert Paraniak teach a video filming workshop at Fotolinjen, Gotlandsfolkhögskola.
It’s nice to not have to worry about the rest of my stuff and all the last minute preparations that need to get done before I leave on monday. The weather is a bit warmer today and I am wearing shorts for the first time this year!
Found the Thomas Merton quote in book that I just started reading. Not one hundred percent sure that I get the meaning completely, but I am certainly aiming to achieve both an inner and a geographic pilgrimage.
A surprising number of people that I talk to about the-walk see it as some sort of pilgrimage. A journey of discovery, to a place of special interest. Apart from the slight religious connotations that tend to adhere to the word pilgrimage, I guess that they are right.
In just 4 days I start walking and become a modern day vagabond on a pilgrimage towards a new life.