I am back “home”, unpacking, washing and preparing for a workshop I am running this weekend at Fotografiska. Just thought I would share some statistics from the test:

Total walk days:       43

Total days:                 53

Total distance:           1790km

Average distance per walk day:   41,63km

Total ascent:              24968m (decent is the same as I returned to the starting point).

Average speed:           4,85km/h

Total calories:              138537

Weight lost:                  9kg   (Take this with a grain of salt. I spent the last month eating as much as I could and gained at least 4kg which came of pretty easily during the first weeks.  My weight was stable during the last 2 weeks and I had stopped losing any more weight).

Total walk time:          363 hours

Those are just the cold, hard statistics. Stay tuned for more reflections about how the test felt and what I have learnt. With focus on how I can use that knowledge on the Sydney walk. I will be back after the weekend when my workshop has finished and I have had some more time to assimilate the multitude of impressions from the last 2 months.

The most important fact is that I am more motivated than ever to walk from Stockholm to Sydney. To not only talk the talk but walk the-walk!