Stenstavik (Day 24)

Better weather was waiting this morning and I headed of towards Stenstavik where I hoped a new pair of shoes were waiting for me.

Just as it was approaching lunch time, Daniel from Länstidningen Östersund found me and did an interview that you can find here:

Also found time to visit Hovermo Gårdsmuseum

I am always amazed at the amount of “stuff” in the world and how many people spend their time collecting it…

I continued along road 321 and this has probably been the worst section I have walked so far. The road is narrow, with no shoulder for me to walk on and there is a fair bit of traffic. Several times cars had to stop as there was not enough space for me and meeting vehicles. Thankfully most drivers were very thoughtful and did not hesitate to slow down and leave me lots of space.

In Svenstavik I visited ICA hoping to find a parcel for me. But no, nothing there! Chased around, rang a few calls and probably made a bit of a pest of myself but in the end, thanks to some very helpful staff, we found the parcel. On the bosses desk!

The map for day 24 is here.