Stockholm (Day 43)

Day 43, today would be the last day of the test walk.

Felt slightly depressed ( only very slightly) because I did not want the-test to be over. At the same time I really want to get started with all the work I need to do to make sure the proper walk goes ahead as planed next year. One thing the test has shown me is that I am looking forward to trying to walk to Sydney.

Started from Strängnäs at an easy pace, only had 20km to cover to get to Mariefred and felt that I had all the time in the world. Mariefred is a picturesque, touristy town and I had no problem buying a nice ice-cream when I arrived. Had a walk around town and settled down to wait for the boat.

Mariefred is a steam boat and old as she is, chugged along at a decent pace.

I relaxed for the three and a half hour trip in to Stockholm, looking at the scenery, thinking about the walk, reading and generally just day dreaming. At one of the several stops we made I thought I heard somebody calling my name. Then again a bit louder. Turned out to be Jerry who had come down to the quay just to say a quick hello! We had time for a quick shouted conversation before the boat pulled out again.

In Stockholm I was met by friends and relatives at the quay and the last 1-2km took a long time as we stopped for refreshments along the way. A very nice finish to what has been a successful test.

The google map is here (there is 4k of the boat trip on the map. I forgot to turn off the app  straight  away, I did not walk on the water!)

Stay tuned for more thoughts about the test, statistics and above all the preparations for Sydney.