Stockholm to Singapore: Done!

Almost 21 months ago I dropped the keys to my rented apartment back into the mail slot after having locked the door for the last time, stepped behind the Mule and started pushing. Heading south, towards Sydney…


I was finally on my way!

Since then I have walked quite a bit (possibly the understatement of the year).


I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, seen places I have never visited before and parked the Mule in some weird situations.


But, all in all it’s been great. I hesitate to write this but in many ways it has almost been too easy!


That’s not to say there haven’t been some problems, but nothing that was in any way insurmountable.


I have not tallied the total distance walked yet, I don’t find it as important as I did in the begining. After the first 5,000 km it becomes just another number that doesn’t manage to reflect what is behind it or what has happened to me while walking it. Suffice to say that I have walked a lot of miles!








I still have a long way to go and, hopefully, many more wonderful people to meet. I’m looking forward to it!

Next week I leave Thailand and fly to Stockholm to work for 2 months. It will be an intense 2 months as I intend to work as much as possible and yet still try to update the blog, my equipment and maybe even get some work published in other media.

Even though I like working with the students at Fotoskolan Stockholm, it feels like a strange break and I am already looking forward to starting out from Singapore again. Not only that, after 10 months of summer and walking through deserts and tropical jungle, it’s going to be very cold in Stockholm!



Thank you all for following me this far and stay tuned, there is a lot more to come!