Strängnäs (Day 42)

Today was an easy relaxed 33km in warm, humid weather with only a short burst of rain. Stopped for a coffee and an ice-cream at a motor museum during the afternoon and soon found myself explaining what I was up to. After we talked for a while and I answered the usual questions the lady there said, ” It’s strange to hear you say that you only have an easy day to go tomorrow, just from Strängnäs to Mariefred. That’s what I would consider a long walk!”


Guess she was right, my point of reference has shifted a fair bit during the last two months.

Went out for a beer in Strängnäs to start celebrating the finish of the test-walk a little bit early. Unless something drastic happens I will be sleeping in my flat in Stockholm tomorrow night. One thing I have learnt during the-test is that I haven’t missed “home” at all. Probably all for the best considering the next 3-4 years!

Something went wrong with my gps app today and I missed logging the first 16km, the second half of the map is here.

Looking forward to seeing some of you in Stockholm when the boat from Mariefred docks there tomorrow night.