Yesterday I was sitting in Eriks’ studio, thinking that I was there to help him with some computer support. Then the door opened and students from all the classes at Fotoskolan Sthlm came in.


They were throwing me a surprise going away party. Lets just say they succeeded, I had no idea what was in store.

Thank you all.


We started out in the studio, then spent the rest of the night ( and some of the morning) moving through Stockholms night life.

On a more sobering note, I finished up the early morning looking at a fire raging through a top floor apartment. From what I have gathered, thankfully nobody was hurt and damages were limited to material stuff. Being in the middle of a gigantic downsizing it made me realize even more how unimportant material goods are and how much more value should be placed om meeting interesting people and experiencing life. Stuff is transitory, how we live our life is what defines us.