Sveg (Day 27)

Looks like I picked the wrong summer for my test walk. Floods, record amounts of rain and colder than usual.


At least it wasn’t raining when I started out in the morning. In fact it didn’t start until just after lunch. But before that I passed an important point, at least for me!

1000km walked, and that’s on walk days, not counting rest days like when I climbed to the top of Åre Skutan. I can now say that I walked all the way to Åre and that I went for a 1000km stroll.


Just as well that there was something to celebrate because after lunch the rain returned and then kept me company all day. Can honestly say that today was the first time during the test that I really wondered what the hell I was doing.

My plan was to walk somewhere around 40km and then start looking for a camping site. But the rain kept falling from a compact grey sky and the thought of pitching the tent in the rain kept me walking, waiting for a break in the downpour. It didn’t come. In the end I trudged into Sveg, wet and miserable and found a hotel. This rain is not helping my budget.

Spent most of the day nursing an inflamed achillies tendon, every time I stopped it took several km to get it going again. Its has been slightly tender for a while and I think that the cold and rain yesterday pushed it over the edge. Will be quite interesting to see what it is like tomorrow morning!

The google map is here.